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Manoir des Cavaliers is situated 40km north of central Paris right next to Chantilly, in Vineuil-Saint-Frimin, there is a direct access to Paris Gare du Nord by fast train (TER) within 23 minutes from Chantilly train station.

CDG airport is 25 minutes drive from the property, and Paris center is 55 minutes drive.

The property is positionned directly behind the famous and beautiful Chateau de Chantilly. This beautiful domain is situated in a historical and peaceful environment. The domain is surrounded by golf courses, forests, museums, the castle and great restaurants. 

Chantilly train station is 10 mins from us (by car), Chantilly is only 2 mins by car or 10 mins by feet.

Chateau de Chantilly

The excellent location of this unique bed and breakfast, just behind the Castle of Chantilly: 

This excellent location offers varied possibilities of spending your free time, enjoying the rich cultural, sport and gastronomical choices of the area, such as: 

  • visiting the world famous Chateau of Chantilly which is situated 2 mins drive/10 mins walk from the domain, observing the hundreds of paintings in the museum of Condé, walking in it's beautiful park ;




















  • visit the region such as the beautiful medieval town of Senlis, the fascinating Château de Pierrefonds or the residence of Napoleon (I. and III.), the Palace of Compiègne​;


  • horse back riding in the park of the castle or in the forest of Chantilly (only few minutes walk from Manoir des Cavaliers!)

  • playing golf on the course of Golf de Chantilly which is 5 minutes walk from the house, or on the other golf courses nearby: Garden Golf Chantilly Forest (Dolce Chantilly), Golf d'Apremont, Gold de Raray, Golf de Bellefontaine, Paris International Golf Club;

  • enjoying the various house races and activities on the Hippodrome of Chantilly, specially the world famous, elegant 168 years old Prix de Diane Longines or the Jumping Chantilly;

  • enjoying the festivities in the castle of Chantilly, like the well-known Triathlon de Chantilly, the annual Day of the Plants (Journée des Plantes) or the prestigious Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille;

  • visiting the Museum of Horses in the Great Stables (Grandes Écuries) , and you can watch there the amazing horse shows or the entertainment Parc Asterix (20 mins by car) ;

  • or experience the gastronomic specialities in one of the restaurants nearby in Chantilly. 

The domain is from the XIX. century, and the property was part of the big "Domaine de Chantilly", of Duke Aumale's estate with the Château de Chantilly; Duc d'Aumale bequeathed the whole estate with this property to the Institut de France upon his death in 1897. 

The first proprietor was a respected and successful racehorse-trainer; above on each horse stable door there are prize/name medals dating from the beginning of the XX. century.

The estate is in the village of Vineuil-Saint-Firmin (right next to Chantilly), which is a commune in the Oise (Picardie) department in northern France.




About Vineuil Saint-Firmin there are written records dating back to 1098, the foundation of the village was built after 1470 that Peter III Orgemont handed off its Domain de Chantilly in order to build a castle. In the 19th century under the duchy of Louis d’Orléans, duke of Aumale, the village developed and formed the present image.

While walking in the street of Vineuil Saint-Firmin you can feel the history... 

Vineuil Saint-Firmin
Vineuil Saint-Firmin
Musee Condé
Chateau de Chantilly
Church of Vineuil St. Firmin
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