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Parking information:



We would like to keep the beauty and calmness of our magnificent courtyard, there is no parking in the courtyard, nor inside in our property.

Thank you for your understanding.


Therefore we kindly ask you to park your car - for free - outside the property on the square or in the surrounding streets close to us; it’s a safe neighborhood.

Parking as below:


 1  There are 3-4 parking spots along the wall of our property in Rue de Saint-Leu (place Charolais).


 2  You can park your car along the sidewalk in Rue du Plan (place Charolais).


 3  There are always several parking spaces available in Rue de la Colonne (parking on the sidewalk).

As the places available are often limited on Place Charolais, we advise you to park your car in Rue de la Colonne.


Please note that we cannot reserve parking spaces for our customers, as these are public parkings.

Please, don't park in front of our gate, to not to block it for emergency reasons.

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